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So, what do you think?

The whole purpose behind redesigning this site is an attempt to be more communicative. I have 4 book projects I am working on (in various stages), a second album, am a full time professor at Capilano University, and am teaching private lessons online anew in Canada AND the US (for anyone interested).

I am also learning SoundJack for lessons and school in the hopes that the sound will be better and I will be able to make music SIMULTANEOUSLY with my students. If I figure that out, I will definitely post it on this website.

As a result, even though there is still MUCH to do and improve on the website, this will be it for now. I want to get the books done before I have to report back to school in a couple of weeks (LOL!) - we will see. They are written in my head, I just haven't written them down on paper.

I am actually glad I chose to document this rebuild of my website. It will DEFINITELY be better since once I finish learning, the website will simultaneously post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Yes, you read that right! I have twitter and Instagram now. Follow me or do whatever the saying is for the particular site - lol! Please tell 1,000 of your closest friends to do the same following thing. The number of people I have linked on my social media is pathetic (due to the fact that I haven't actually dealt with social media lol).

I also have a "soundcloud" and a "youtube" channel

Status on the website rebuild:

The website is "done" - it's not, but, it's done enough that anyone visiting can get basic information about whatever project on which I am working. I want to get to work on my books as of tomorrow (August 5, 2020). So far, I only have one example of each thing I do in my "store."

Still to do:

I want to learn how to use Hootsuite so that I can post one post and it goes to all my social media, but, for now, copying-and-pasting the URL for this post will have to do.

I also don't know how to deal with subscribers on this website/blog. My friend Jennifer signed up for it, so it works, but I haven't figured out how to use that feature yet. Stay tuned for that.

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