Welcome to my 'Author' page:

For those that know me already, they will not be shocked at all to hear this:

I'm the kind of person who tackles MANY projects at the same time.  


*Note: if you visited either my performer or educator page, you can skip this blurb and click whichever colourful box you like below to get you to your topic of interest.*

I've fashioned this site as a blog so I can update on any of my devices - thus being WAY more interactive and able to keep you 'in the know.'  It also 'holds me accountable for updates' or as I like to say: I get to celebrate the small victories instead of being overwhelmed with everything I have taken on. LOL!

So, yeah, kinda busy. I'll get back to you as soon as I can if you want anything. Thanks for visiting!

Here then is what I am currently working on at the same time:

EBook Version

of book: Enjoying Music Theory

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Second Edition of book: Enjoying Music Theory

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My approach using transcriptions.

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There will be two!

For those who don't know, the background picture is Vancouver, BC, Canada - my home.


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