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So where did I go?

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday. So, yeah, remember when I published this new site and had 3 books to write and a new album?!

You'd figure that by now you would have heard something, right? Well...covid.

All of my dream projects that are on this site always have to take a back seat to my role as an educator. I put WAY too much time into everything I do to give my students a great education - and I'm okay with that actually :)

What I was NOT okay with was a global pandemic. Was anyone happy about this blasted pandemic?!? If so, don't tell me. I might lose it.

Speaking of losing it, I lost it. I truly did. I am not a computer person. I don't like staring into a computer to work, I like to be in person and work based on what I have in front of me. Starting in mid-March, I was forced to teach online (we all were). Some of my colleagues fared well and frankly, I'm totally jealous that they did. I'm so grateful that they did not have to go through what I went through. Everything took 10 times longer. I had to give my students less than 100% which killed me. I needed to deal with the 'backline' of the class. All the "behind the scenes" action to prep for classes - and they all required time in front of the computer. So that in addition to the weather has made this last semester suck hard. I don't do well with grey skies and rain and for those who don't know the weather here in Vancouver, BC, well - that's the weather.

I turned off the computer on December 18th and have spent the last 8 days absolutely crashed - and I loved it. Instead of working for hours and hours on end EVERY day, I'm going to get back to it sooner than I would have (meaning today) and will work for a couple of hours a day and that's IT!.

So here is what you can expect from me and this website in the next week or so. Only two things:

  1. A new page for those about to start teaching high school (Secondary school) that are beginning their training as a teacher. I'm teaching a vocal/choral pedagogy class and decided that since covid smacked me upside the head, I'm not going to get caught twice in the same situation as last semester. By the end of this semester, there will hopefully be a GENEROUS amount of material on that page for the beginning teacher.

  2. My improvisation book. I'm going to start writing it asap.

That's it for now. All my best to everyone!

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