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Inventory on what is done on site...

Updated: Aug 5

and what needs to be done:

The rabbit hole project on the bottom, the EPK, and the testing for mobile phone thing that Wix does. Then announce!

So, on the home page (called Welcome):

  • Video feed and video buttons work

  • SEO for ALL pages is correct

  • settings for ALL BLOG posts (to remove the crown next to my name, etc) is done on all blog posts. For future reference for me: Go to BLOG page in editor view, click a post to edit, click on "Settings." Once there, in Display, turn off "Badge" , views, comments, likes.Under Layout, Click ALL POSTS FIELD (If not selected): click editorial, 16:9, Space between = 30, text box height = 30, margins = 20, text padding = 24.On scroll down, posts per load=24. leave the rest

  • For EACH blog post = go to the BLOG page and click on each blog post to click everything up there in the last bullet point.

  • make Anchors in Store pages since submenus won't go past one level

Need more classical videos on YouTube

Rabbit hole alert! LOL - hootsuite.com - trying to connect everything through there so that when I post ONE thing here, it goes to all social media.

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