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Okay, so THAT didn't work :)

I was originally going to update you more often and I see that the last post was, well, a little while ago (cough). :)

I'm going to tag this to a bunch of my pages so you only need to click this once. I'm going to make this an 'all-in-one' catch-up.

Here we go:

First of all, I created yet another button from which you can choose. Just not yet. :) It's the choral arrangement tab on the colourful bottom menu. I'll be selling my arrangements on my site and eventually (hopefully) on a business site.

I have a bunch of projects on my home page. In my usual ADHD style, I'm tackling a bunch at once. Specifically, the first three on the list are happening simulaneously, the remainder is after those three are done (or at least one of the three is done).

Here's the order they are being tackled:

  1. Choral Arrangements (that had to move first because I'm being asked for some!)

  2. Lessons (voice: both jazz and classical, theory, ear-training, improvisation, transcription).

  3. Improvisation

  4. E-book: put to the side for now.

  5. Second edition of theory book: put to the side for now.

  6. Album 2: put to the side for now.

Thank you everyone for your support and patience. I'd love to catch up on zoom if I know you personally. Let me know! :)

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