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Album 1: Now....Here - Album 2: TBD

No, my second album will not be called "TBD" - though that is tempting.

I haven't recorded my second album. Here's what I do know. My instrumentation will be made up SOLELY of people who I consider friends and colleagues. It will have some of my originals. I'm hoping to get inspiration to write more music soon, in the meanwhile, I have a few new ones not on the first album. Everything else is up for grabs.

Like the other pages of my site, I have designed this site like a blog. The moment I get through a fraction of any project, I'll post it on the appropriate page. I still haven't figured out how you get notified, but, there you go.

Album 1: Now....Here - is available for download on Amazon, but, if you want to support my work, don't buy it from them, buy it from me ( I have sold a few hundred of MP3 albums according to the stats and have seen no money from them. Also, don't buy a physical CD from that site either. Those are people who are reselling my work without paying me anything for it either.

If you want to hear a few tracks from that album, here is my soundcloud for it:

When I have time I'll be able to move the content over from Project 1 "Now....Here" to this new and awesome design. For now, you'll just have to read about it by visiting my blog:

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