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EMT2: Revenge of the Scholar

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

So, obviously I'm a huge Star Wars nut :) - that's why I picked that title.

I am writing a "Volume 2" of EMT (Enjoying music theory) because I'm teaching first year theory at Cap (short for Capilano University, not Captain America). The purpose of this is that my students currently have to buy a book I don't like that costs WAY too much money. My goal is to write a book that will get my students through all of first year theory at Capliano University (INCLUDING some extra goodies on how to practice said skills!).

The freshmen/incoming class of 2020-2021 at Capilano University will have the honour of being the ONLY ones who won't pay for this book at all. I will test out everything on them - I've been writing this book in my mind for 20 years and am now entering my third year of teaching at Cap. I want there to be an economical way for future Cap students to get the info they need. The theory books on the market are bloody expensive! They don't cover enough about jazz nor use jazz examples (to my knowledge). I will incorporate an incredibly wise and tested technique of combo theory/ear training that my dear mentor Shannon Gunn designed for the most part (I include some of my own thoughts with it).

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